Top Nine Vintage Retro Style Bicycles To Check Out

So, you think cycling is just for the young? Think again! Whether you’re looking for a fun way to get and stay fit or want to take a step back in history by taking a ride on one of these vintage retro bikes, you know that sometimes, it’s not always about doing everything new. Sometimes you get excited when you see something old, charming and appealing. I mean, who doesn’t love a vintage bicycle? Check out this list of retro style bicycles to check out if you like the idea of revisiting the old school appeal graphically!

Retro style bikes are a big trend today. While in the past people thought of these retro-looking bicycles as only a fashion accessory, most modern cyclists have rediscovered that there is performance to be found in an old-fashioned style bicycle. It’s no surprise, cyclists tend to lean towards an old-fashioned design that closely resembles what the very first bicycles looked like. Vintage retro style bikes are a fine alternative to modern day boring bicycles. They not only look cool but feel sturdy and work great for keeping you on the cutting edge of fashion.

These nine bikes are timeless classics that take us back in time. Riding these vintage retro style bicycles evokes a sense of nostalgia like we’re taking a trip back to that era where life was simpler and happier.

1.) Nel Lusso Cruiser, Women

It’s Nel Lusso’s mission to bring the finest bikes to the world, and we think this bike is a great example of that. Featuring a 26″ aluminum frame with cruiser comfort stem, raised handlebar, and rising rate suspension fork and seat, this bike provides a comfortable ride with classic styling.

The large diameter wheels provide enhanced stability and the cushioned pedals keep you in place while pedaling.

Frame Material:Steel
Wheel size:26 Inches
Weight:49.7 lbs
Accessories:A front basket, a beverage cup holder, a smartphone slot, and a rear storage rack
Average Rider Height:5’0″ to adult
Cruiser bike age range13 years and up
Seat:Padded saddle is designed with a lower center of gravity for a more confident riding position

Designed in Italy, the Nel Lusso Classic Cruiser has a comfortable reclined seat and a lowered center of gravity. Half-cruiser, half-comfort bike, this bike is built to provide you with years of leisurely riding enjoyment.

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2.) SIXTHREEZERO Cruiser Bicycle, Men

Get around the town when you hit the streets on this cruiser. This bike features a vintage steel frame and fork, 3-speed gears drivetrain (model support from 1 to 21 gears), and durable alloy rims. Its 26 inches wheel tires, roll along any kind of terrain, gives you an amazing riding experience. The cruiser saddle is padded for comfort as you cruise down the boardwalk, and the saddle make it comfortable for riding long distances.

Frame Material:Steel
Wheel size:26 Inches
Color:Matte Black w/ Brown Seat/Grips
Average Rider Height:Fits riders from 5 feet to 6 feet tall

It’s a classic in its own way that harks back to the golden era of biking. Its vintage look is beautiful with its leather saddlebag. The Cruiser is an attractive urban machine!

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3.) Via Veneto by Canellini, Women

The Via Veneto by Canellini is a fine example of Italian design. It’s made from lightweight aluminum tubing, with a retro style green paint job, white wheels, and 6-speed gears. There’s no bicycle more stylish on the streets than this one.

Enjoy every bit of your city with its comfort grip handlebars and this amazing cycle would be the perfect partner.

Frame Material:Aluminum
Wheel size:28″ Inches
Brake Style:Linear pull
Accessories:Included light front and rear with battery, brown bags similar leather and basket in wicker

The retro inspired colour, frame and wheels give it a unique style that will make you a standout wherever you ride. Ideal for riding around town or while riding to the office, this bike is guaranteed to turn heads.

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4.) Schwinn Baywood Cruiser Bike, Unisex

Schwinn Bikes is the oldest bicycle company in America, setting the standard for more than 100 years. Since 1895, nearly 12 million Schwinn bikes have been sold in the United States. Schwinn has a full line of bicycles including an array of comfort bikes for every rider from novice to expert, that are perfect for both younger riders and adults who are looking for a healthier commute.

The Schwinn Baywood cruiser is a classic single speed bicycle with 26 Inches wheel size.

Frame Material:Steel
Wheel size:26 Inches
Manufacturer: Schwinn

Ride off into the sunset or just to the corner store. Whether you’re cruising down by the boardwalk or pedaling through your neighborhood, you’ll enjoy taking in the sights on this vintage design. Experience the quality of Schwinn – This is what a real bike feels like.

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5.) GYZLZZB 700C, Men

Introducing the GYZLZZB 700C Retro bicycle. Inspired by classic design, this single speed gem will delight those that crave a simple aesthetic. Extra thick double-walled aluminum rims and the reverse riding brake is perfect for stability.

The compact size makes it easy to carry around.

Weight:28.66 pounds (13 kg)
Load: 220.46 (100 kg)
Brakes:Reverse Braking

The retro-inspired GYZLZZB is more than just a bicycle, it’s an inspiration. It promotes freedom of movement in its design, allowing you to go wherever your heart takes you.

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6.) Firmstrong Bella, Women

The Firmstrong Bella classic single speed beach cruiser is the perfect choice for your island lifestyle. This stylish single speed bicycle features an all welded steel frame, making it both lightweight and durable. Whether you prefer to burn calories, or simply relax while cruising off into the sunset, this bike will deliver a smooth ride.

Frame Material:Steel
Wheel size:26 Inches
Average Rider Height:from 5 feet to 6 feet tall

Beach cruisers are the perfect option for anyone who wants a simple, easy-to-ride bicycle. The Bella Classic single speed cruiser is specifically designed for ease and enjoyment.

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7.) Schwinn Huron, Men

Take a spin on the classic Schwinn Huron beach bike. This retro-cool bike is ready for summer fun with a sleek frame designed for comfort and style. Enjoy the carefree feeling of riding an old-fashioned cruiser thanks to seven speeds that make hills a breeze and really easy to ride. Its steel fork and matching fender are designed for durability and the wide range of gearing will have you pedaling with confidence whether cruising the boardwalk or negotiating your favorite city’s steep streets. In a word, the Huron is unforgettable.

Wheel size:26 Inches
Average Rider Height:5’4″ to 6’2″ tall
Frame Material:Steel
Speeds:1, 3, & 7 speed options

The Huron is sure to give you many years of fun. Roll on this one to remind yourself why Schwinn is the leader in comfort bikes.

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8.) Velorbis Arrow Classic, Women

Made in Germany, the Velorbis Arrow Classic women’s bike is built by hand from quality steel. Not only looks classy but the 7 speed and the 28 Inches wheel size will give you the ultimate riding experience.

Do you long for an authentic, classic, single speed bicycle that you can ride all year round and in all weather conditions? The Arrow Classic will turn heads with its elegant retro design.

Frame Material:Traditional lugged and brazed hand-crafted steel frame
Wheel size:28 Inches
Color:Silver Chrome
Speeds:7 speed internal Shimano Nexus gears

With its traditional design and modern functionality, is the perfect companion on your city tours. A must-have ride for any fashionista!!

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9.) Huffy Nel Lusso, Women

The Nel Lusso is a beautiful antique style bike with timeless flair. This women’s bike comes equipped with large 26-inch bicycle tires for stability and control, as well as a padded seat for comfort.

With blue metal highlights, this bicycle offers a relaxed and comfortable ride. Imagine gliding along the street in this cool cruiser!

Whether you’re looking for the perfect commute or just getting around campus the Huffy Nel Lusso Women’s Cruiser Bike is a stylish option.

When it comes to reliving your youth, this Huffy Nel Lusso ladies’ bike will help you do it on two wheels.

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